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Mark Williams


Mark Williams is a vastly experienced player who has won many titles throughout his career. After a blip in the middle of the 2000’s which saw him slip out of the world’s top 32 players, Mark returned with a renewed determination and shot back up the rankings. Williams turned pro in 1992 and in 1996 won his first ranking title, beating John Parrott to pick up his native Welsh Open.

Over the next 7 years Williams won 15 ranking titles, including arguably the 3 most prestigious (UK Championship, the non-ranking Masters and the World Championship) in one season in 2002/03. Over the next seven years however, Williams would only reach one solitary final in the 2006 China Open, albeit one he would win. In the 2007/08 season his provisional ranking briefly dropped below 32, but he finished the season ranked in 22nd, still the lowest his end of season ranking had been for 13 years.

This proved a turning point for Mark, who increased his practise time and began to see the rewards. His ranking soon improved and in 2010 won the China Open again signalling a return to form which would lead to him taking the world number 1 ranking for a time, and reach 5 finals in two years in 2010 and 2011.

Williams suffered a huge dip in form during the 2012/13 season as he was defeated in the first round of six successive ranking events, leading to the Welshman seriously contemplating retirement from the game.

An undoubted all time great, Williams has proven his continued desire to compete at the top level of Snooker, and his achievements since doing so have spoken for themselves. In an era where so many tournaments are played, and any number of players are perfectly capable of winning these events, Williams remains one of the favourites for any competition he takes part in. A superb potter with huge experience, Mark has already committed to playing next year, guaranteeing us at least one more year of the Welsh Wonder.

Player Info

Nickname: The Welsh Potting Machine
Date of Birth: 21.05.1975
Lives: Cwm, Ebbw Vale, Wales.
Professional Since: 1992
Current World Ranking: 15
Highest Tournament Break: 147 (World Championships 2005)
Ranking Tournament Wins: World Championships (2000 & 2003) UK Championships (1999 & 2002) Welsh Open (1996 & 1999) Grand Prix (1996 & 2000) British Open (1997) Irish Open (1998) Thailand Masters (1999, 2000 & 2002) China Open 2002, 2006 & 2010) German Masters 2011 PTC 1 (2010)
Non Ranking Wins: B & H Championships (1994) Masters (1998 & 2003) Pot Black (2006)
Official Facebook: Mark J Williams
Official Twitter: @markwil147
Favourite Fellow Pro: Good friends with Matthew Stevens & Stephen Hendry
Partner: Married to Joanne and has 2 sons.
Mark is good friends with Welsh Boxer Joe Calzaghe. Mark was awarded the MBE in June 2004. Mark has a tattoo of the Welsh Dragon eating the English flag.

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